The Franklin Fire Poker

The safest, surest way to rekindle dying fireplace embers to a rich, burning fire.

A Product You Can Trust

No need to dirty yourself or your home kneeling by the fire to get it restarted. The Franklin Poker allows you to stand at your fireplace and direct air right to the waning coals, giving them back a fresh burst of life. When the cold of the winter begins to overwhelm the flames, you can trust the Franklin Poker to keep the home fires burning.

Our Specs

Attention to detail is paramount to the Franklin Fire Poker team.

Ingenious Design

Ingenious shark-fin tip allows you to easily maneuver even the largest timbers with ease

Easy to Grip

Unique trumpet shaped mouthpiece, gives you an easy, comfortable grip as well as a good seal for getting air to the fire


Only safety valve on the market to prevent inhalation of smoke or hot embers


Solid decorative brass shaft and tip, coming in at 42" long and 2-3/4 pounds.

A Product With History

One frosty night at the height of the American Revolution, a small campfire that offered minimum warmth to a ragged group of soldiers began to go out. One crafty corporal, an engineer and tinker by trade, started to blow gently through his rifle barrel. Miraculously, the fresh burst of air rekindled the fire and the flames burned warm and bright.

Once back home, this crafty chap returned to his laboratory and began the evolution of The Franklin Poker. The name was the result of his admiration for the famous American statesman and inventor, Benjamin Franklin. We picked up where that crafty soldier left off, developing the next in a long line of quality fire-resurrecting devices.

Get the Franklin Poker Now

As the embers burn down in your fireplace, and the last of the warm glow of the blaze comes to an end, you can rekindle the flames quickly and easily with the authentic, proven Franklin Poker.


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